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A singer from Turkmenistan won the hearts of the audience of the "Battle of the Vocals" contest

Listeners and participants of the international music competition "Battle of the Vocals" held in the Australian capital of Victoria, Melbourne, were captivated by the melodious song sung by the Turkmen representative. Murad Arrykov was called out for encore several times. The schlager of the last century, the song "Favorite Eyes" is still relevant today. The charming voice of the singer, his intimate manner of performance could not leave indifferent any person present at the music tournament.

The song of the Turkmen poet and Azerbaijani composer caused a furor in the middle of the last century, its beautiful sound could be heard even in the remotest corner of the Soviet Union.

In praising the beauty of the only and beloved girl, the poet was able to convey admiration and tenderness, which can be seen in every word.

During the competition, both the Turkmen singer and his song have become incredibly popular. Every day he receives invitations to perform the song that the Australians love at concerts and creative events. It is gratifying that even non-professional performers from Turkmenistan are so incredibly popular abroad.



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