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The Children's Rock Festival was held in Turkmenistan

The Children's Rock Festival was held in Turkmenistan

In the cultural and entertainment center "Älem" of the capital of Turkmenistan, on a man-made rock climbing wall, the Children's Rock Festival was held. The festival was organized by the AGAMA climbing club. The Children's Fund of the Central Council of Makhtumkuli Youth Organization of Turkmenistan assisted in the event. About 160 children from 4 to 14 years old wanted to climb the vertical wall. The competition was held in the presence of adults and in the presence of a reliable insurance.

There is a growing interest among Turkmen children to take up rock climbing. Not at the last moment, this is due to the fascinating moments that rock climbing competitions are filled with. Watching this process is really addictive. In addition, rock climbing has become a new sport discipline that will appear at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

The organizers of the competition arranged 12 routes of different levels of complexity on the artificial walls. They also took into account the age of the competitors - from 4 to 9 years old, because most of the young climbers were of this age group. Children and adults supporting them spent many hours in Älem center and got a lot of bright impressions and emotions.

The participants were not tasked with winning. The main goal was to climb the "rock" without failing once. Many children succeeded - even those who were climbing for the first time. But did not do without the leaders, who were the first to overcome all the tracks - they were given certificates of the mountain climbing club "AGAMA". They were Danila Kasimov, Dmitry and Daria Bulaev and Eliza Durdyeva.

Ulyana Kuntashova excelled in the conquest of man-made rocks - it was the day when the young climber was 9 years old. Alexey Buzin, a professional climber, brought his children - 5-year-old Yaroslav and 12-year-old Yulia to the club. The boy confidently climbed all the trails, and the girl without a hitch passed them twice, because she has repeatedly participated in such competitions.

Another Agama club member, climber Mahym Muradova, also brought her four children. The girls performed magnificently in these competitions. It's not surprising, as no such event can do without them.

And even members of the younger age group of M. Shevchenko and Ya. Gryzalova showed their skills in passing the most difficult sections of artificial "rocks".

All participants of the competition at the end of the event were awarded certificates of the climbing club "AGAMA". They also received prizes from the Children's Fund. The Rock Fest for children in Turkmenistan has been held annually since 2005. Many of today's experienced climbers started their way to the top exactly from such events.

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