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Älem" held a children's climbing festival.

Ashgabat, May 31, /Arzuw NEWS/. A children's rock-climbing festival dedicated to Children's Day was held at the cultural and entertainment center "Älem".

Photo: Tatiana Yagudina | Arzuw NEWS

The organizers of the festival were - Agama Mountaineering Club and the Children's Fund of the Central Council of the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization of Turkmenistan. Anyone under 14 years of age could take part in the event. Thus, more than 70 children participated in the rock festival.

Photo: Tatiana Yagudina | Arzuw NEWS

Cultural and entertainment center "Älem" was not chosen by chance. In the entertainment wing of the center there is a professional climbing wall, where young participants tried their climbing skills. The organizers have prepared 12 trails, and on passing all the disciplines a participant was awarded a certificate. Coaches and athletes of the Agama Club insured the participants, prompting them on how to complete the slopes and sharing their experiences.

Photo: Tatiana Yagudina | Arzuw NEWS

The Agama Mountaineering Club conducts training on natural terrain in the mountains on weekends. Every year the Alpclub organizes sports events for Children's Day, introducing the younger generation to a healthy lifestyle and love of nature.

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