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World Philosophy Day celebrated at Turkmenistan's IUHD

On November 17, the International University for Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan celebrated World Philosophy Day. The event coincided with the official opening of the Philosophy Club. According to the results of the current year, IUGNIR has taken a worthy place in the top 100 of Nika Law School Ranking, a prestigious international ranking of universities in law.

The organizers of the events paid special attention to the section of the outstanding poet and thinker of Turkmenistan, Makhtumkuli Fraghi, whose works are included in the golden fund of world literature.

The students organized six thematic exhibitions on philosophy, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, logic and psychology in the university lobby. The students also sang songs in Turkmen and English, including poems by Makhtumkuli Fraghi.

Thematic events held within the walls of IUGNIR provide an opportunity for students to find common space for constructive discussions that will contribute to an understanding of the socio-cultural transformations taking place in the world.


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