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In St. Petersburg the memory of Turkmen soldiers was honored

Participants of Turkmenistan's Mekan Society celebrated the 75th anniversary of Victory in St. Petersburg. As part of the celebrations, they laid flowers at Piskarevskoye cemetery with a memorial plate in honor of the heroes-liberators from Turkmenistan who fought on the Karelian, Leningrad and Volkhov fronts. Every year hundreds of people, first of all citizens of Turkmenistan, gather here to recall the great feat of the conquering people.

The Turkmen organization in St. Petersburg holds such a festive event every year and also takes part in the "Immortal Regiment" march. In connection with the pandemic, this year everyone was able to honor the memory of their relatives who died for their homeland by submitting information about them in electronic format. As the organizers noted, such actions are necessary in order to keep the link between the generations and tell the modern youth about the past events.

As Russian Deputy Defense Minister A. Fomin stressed during his visit on May 9, more than 300 thousand Turkmenistani citizens took part in the battles of 1941-1945. He also noted the courage and dedication shown by our soldiers in the battles of World War II.


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