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Turkmen language appeared in the "Google Translate" service

Five new languages have been added to the Google Translate service database. languages, among which there is also the Turkmen language. This news was shared in Google" blog shared the news by the service's software engineer Isaac Kaswell.

He said that the addition of new languages to the database was facilitated by the active support of the Google community. The technology of machine learning continues to evolve, and it has also allowed them to add five new languages to the Google Translate service. Translate service with five new languages at a time - Turkmen, Tatar, Kinyarwanda, Uighur and Odia.

According to a software engineer, the total number of people who use the above-mentioned languages to communicate is about 75 million. Turkmen is the state language of Turkmenistan, and tens of millions of people around the world use it to communicate. Turkmen - the state language of Turkmenistan, which is used to communicate with tens of millions of people around the world. Kinyarwanda is the official language of Kenya Also the language of communication more than 12 million people. Odia is used in communication by the inhabitants of Odisha (India), and Uighur is used by the population of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (China). Region (China). Tatar is spoken by approximately 5.2 million people, living mostly in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

The last time new languages were added to Google Translate was four years ago. Now the service will support 108 languages. New languages will be added not only directly in the translator, but will also appear in the built-in function of the browser "Google Chrome", which allows you to translate sites from other languages. Soon iOS and Android users will also have access to the new languages, but it will only be possible to enter words from the virtual keyboard in Uighur, Kinyarwanda and Tatar.

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