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A skyscraper will be built in the capital of Turkmenistan

A skyscraper to be built in Ashgabatwhich, along with other high-rise buildings, will become a component of the Ashgabat City Business Center. The height of the building will be thirty-five stories. The plans for large-scale construction in the north of Ashgabat were told by Head of Glavgosekspertiza Ministry of Construction and Architecture M. Nepesov during the IV International Conference on the Development of the Institute of Construction Expertise.

Speaking about Ashgabat City, M. Nepesov noted that during its construction, special attention was paid to attention will be paid to ensuring the seismic resistance of buildings. To this end, they involve Seismic isolators, seismic pickups and spectral analysis of digital oscilloscopes. The complex of buildings in the north of Ashgabat will have all the necessary infrastructure.

In addition, the head of Murad Nepesov emphasized that for the 25th anniversary of Neutrality across the state there was the opening of large-scale new buildings. Among them is a residential complex consisting of 12 sixteen-story new buildings. At present, a large center including 355 objects of various purposes is being developed not far from the Turkmen capital.

At this point, it is exactly The construction sector ranks second in the structure of Turkmenistan's economyThe government's key accomplishments in this area are reported during the annual And the state talks about its key achievements in this key area during the annual International Thematic Exposition "White City Ashgabat.

The experience of Turkmen colleagues in erecting facilities in zones with high seismic danger is especially valuable for specialists from foreign countries.


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