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Turkmenistan is forming a national cybersports team to participate in a world tournament

Turkmenistan is in the process of forming a national cybersports team to participate in global tournaments. The Turkmen E-Sports Federation held competitions of the national level, the winners of which in the future will be included in the national team. The competitions were held in such disciplines as Dota 2 and CS:GO.

The participants of the tournaments demonstrated their skills at a high level, which also revealed a number of new talented athletes. A striking example was the Neon Slayers team, which won "silver" in the Counter Strike Global Offensive competition.

Last season's leader team Galkynysh Esports retained first place and has been at the top of the podium since 2018. This year's victory was not easy for the unchanged champions. Much credit is due to both captain Kemal Vikus Annadurdyev and newcomers Islam Nepesov and Mered Velmuradov.

Galkynysh Esports faced not only technical difficulties, but also the skill of their rivals, who were able to compete with the leaders in the Tournament. However, the skilful actions of the team captain eventually turned the situation in favor of the unchanged leader of cyber competitions.

The Destroyers and Anime teams fought for silver. They had the same number of points, and also managed to beat each other. However, on the eve of the replay, Destroyers announced their withdrawal.

Galkynysh Esports defeated Gravity in the semi-finals and defeated Apex Gaming in the final with a hard-fought 3-1 win.

Having reaffirmed his leading position, the leader of cyber-competition also received a cash prize equal to 7.0 thousand manats.

As noted the head of the Federation M.K.Eberdiev, the results of the tournaments will form a national team to participate in the global tournament.


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