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Turkmenistan Prepares for International Internet Ecology Olympiad

In Turkmenistan, at all levels of government, great importance is given to environmental issues. Therefore, the Agricultural University of Turkmenistan is holding an international category Olympiad on ecology. It will be held in the format of Internet-forum. To participate in the Olympiad, it will be enough to leave an application on the University's official website. The open access to participation attracts students from many countries and universities of Turkmenistan. The languages of communication at the Olympiad are: Turkmen, Russian and English.

The event will be broadcast online, so that at an agreed time, the Internet connection of all participating universities will be connected to participate in this large-scale forum.

The Olympiad program includes tasks from the biosphere and industrial ecology. Ecological problems of the modern world are highlighted. Students must demonstrate knowledge in the field of legislation on the protection of nature and the surrounding world. Strong knowledge and the ability to focus on the main points will allow students to answer all questions correctly during the hour and a half given to complete the proposed tasks.



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