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Turkmenistan prepares to celebrate Akhalteke Horse and Alabai Day

Turkmenistan prepares to celebrate Akhalteke Horse and Alabai Day

Turkmenistan will soon begin celebrating the Day of the Akhalteke horse and the Turkmen Alabai. The celebrations of these two national symbols of the country are held simultaneously. This year, the celebrations will be held from April 19 to 25.

The program of festive events is already prepared, according to which Turkmenistan will host a number of interesting events. So, citizens and guests of the country will be able to visit the international exhibition-fair, as well as to visit the competition of riders. It will be not only traditional show jumping tournament but also equestrian marathon and competitions of young jockeys. The plan of events includes XIII scientific conference, during which the issues of the world art of horse breeding and the place of the Turkmen horse in it will be discussed.

Another stage of the festive marathon will be the finals of international contests for the title of the most beautiful Akhalteke horse and the best Turkmen Alabai by the end of the year. The winners of the creative competition, artists who created the best embodiment of images of these two living national symbols of the Turkmen nation, will also receive their awards. The opening ceremony of the Akhalteke Horse Breeding International Association and "Türkmen alabaý itleri" Association will also be timed to the festivities. A number of other events aimed at popularizing the Turkmen national heritage will also take place.

On the occasion of the Turkmen Alabai Holiday, the President of Turkmenistan issued a decree prescribing to hold an international competition "Éylyny türkmen edermen alabaýy" on April 25, 2021 in the capital of Turkmenistan in honor of the landmark date. The competition for the best artistic embodiment of the alabai will also be held among carpet weavers, publishers, cameramen and other artists. By this document the head of the state approved the jury, which will determine the winners of the above-mentioned competitions.


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