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Turkmenistan will open its first fee-paying educational school

25 August, Ashgabat, /Arzuw NEWS/. The capital is preparing for the opening of a new specialized education and training school located at the crossroads of Khoja Ahmet Yasavy and A. Niyazov Streets these days.

The new educational complex will include a school for 720 students and a kindergarten for 320 children. The school will be the first fee-paying educational institution in the country.

As you know, President Berdymukhamedov in August 2018, on his way to Ashgabat International Airport, instructed the city's governor to build a new building for the 21st School, located in this area of the capital. At that time, the construction of this specialized education and training school was launched.

The preparatory groups of the school accept children at the age of 5. Children from the age of 6 are admitted to the first grade. Students from other schools who wish to transfer to this school will be able to do so at the end of the second grade, after a preliminary interview.

In the new school, students will study Turkmen, Russian and English languages. Starting from the 6th grade, some subjects will be taught in English. In addition, there will be organized the work of circles, in different directions, and additional classes in any subjects studied.

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