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Precipitation in the form of rain and sleet is expected in Turkmenistan

Monday at Ashgabat and Akhal velayat will start with a daytime temperature of +5оС. On Tuesday, the thermometers will fall to +2оС. Wet snowfall of up to 2 mm is also forecast. Wednesday and Thursday will be marked by a slight increase in daytime temperatures to +7оС. However, on Friday it will cool down again to +4оC, and there will be some rain. On Saturday-Sunday skies will clear and temperatures will rise to +8оC on Saturday and up to +11оC on Sunday.

Residents Balkan Velayat in the first two days of the week we should expect wet snow - the volume of precipitation is forecast at about 2.4 mm, and the temperature on these days will be in the range of +6оС...+4оС. On Wednesday the sky will be clear and the thermometer will reach +10оС. On Thursday, the sun will again hide behind clouds, which will bring light rain to the region. It will be slightly cooler to +8оС. Friday will be even colder - about +6оС. The weekend will please not only with clear skies, but also with daytime temperatures up to +12оС.

В Dashoguz province Monday-Tuesday will be marked by wet snow. The volume of precipitation will be about 1.3 mm. The air will warm up only to +2оС. Wednesday will be 1 degree warmer. On Thursday it will be +6°C.оС. But on Friday it's expected to be colder to +1оС. The weekend will be sunny and temperatures are predicted to be in the +3оС...+5оС.

В Mary region It will be warm as early as Monday - up to +14оС. On Tuesday, heavy rains (up to 9.2 mm) will bring temperatures down to +6оС. Wednesday will be a little warmer - the thermometers will rise to +7оC, rain, albeit light, is forecast. Thursday will be sunny and warm - up to +16оС. Friday's weather will be characterized by rains and cooling to +5оС. The sky will be clear over the weekend, and the thermometer will gradually rise from +9оC (on Saturday) to +12оC (Sunday).

Monday at Lebap velayat will start at +13оС. Tuesday will be rainy (up to 6.7 mm of precipitation) and cool +8оС. On Wednesday it will be even colder - up to +5оC and rain is also forecast. Thursday will bring sunshine and warming to +11оС. Friday will again bring rains and a cold snap to +4оС. And Saturday and Sunday, although clear, but will remain quite cool - the thermometers during this period will rise only to +6оС...+8оС.



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