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Turkmenistan hosts round table on environmental audit

A round table was held to discuss the development of bylaws to the law "On Environmental Audit" from 2019. The event was organized by USAID together with Tebigy Kuwwat. This is reported by the online edition of "Turkmenistan: The Golden Age.

The round table was attended by representatives of the public of Turkmenistan, as well as government agencies and private companies.

Acting Director of USAID Regional Mission in Central Asia Luis Rivera noted that this year it is planned to develop by-laws to the law "On Environmental Auditing". New acts will define requirements and regulate step-by-step procedure of assessment and certification of environmental auditors in the country.

This measure will make it possible to accelerate the introduction of the law "On Environmental Audit" in Turkmenistan and support the country's compliance with international obligations and agreements.


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