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Turkmen students tried on the role of a philology teacher

The Azadi Institute of World Languages of Turkmenistan (TNIMYA) held a competition among students from local universities. The participants were invited to try themselves in the role of teacher-philologist. The competition was aimed at increasing students' interest in the profession. During the event, participants could build interpersonal relationships, share experiences, and learn new skills.

The competition was attended by students of specialized universities and faculties, students of institutes of different specialties. The aim of the competition was to improve the teaching of foreign languages in the country, to support the attention to the philological specialties. Each stage of the competition was held in a language chosen by the student from the official languages of the UN.

The competition was held in three stages. The first stage was to make a video presentation of their university in a foreign language, the second stage was to perform a creative task, and the third stage was to interest the audience in educational games.


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