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Disinfection measures are being carried out in Turkmenistan

In order to combat the adverse effects of dust particles found in large quantities in the air, as well as to prevent infectious diseases, comprehensive disinfection is carried out in Turkmenistan according to WHO recommendations.

Disinfectants are sprayed by "Toyota Hilux" vehicles, light-engine aviation is also used. Disinfection in the air takes place at 2 levels. From a height of about 20 m the ground is disinfected, from higher altitudes (50-60 m) the defeat of microbes and viruses that can linger in the air is achieved.

Such sanitary works have been implemented in the border lands of Mary and Lebap velayats, and the treatment of border areas of Balkan velayat, areas near Turkmenbashi and Balkanabat is also planned.

Disinfection measures are one of the components of the systematic preventive work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is carried out in Turkmenistan.


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