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Production of construction materials is growing in Turkmenistan

According to the economic expert В. Trapeznikov, the large-scale construction of infrastructure facilities in Turkmenistan both industrial and social facilities in Turkmenistan contributes to the growth of building materials. Given the country's import substitution program, the domestic construction industry is developing at the expense of increasing the volume of building materials. domestic construction industry is developing through increasing the production of construction products.

Turkmenistan Observer, c.e. Valentin Trapeznikov also noted a significant increase in investment in this area. Thus, from 2007 to 2012 the volume of investments increased 4 times, last year - 11 times. last year - 11 times.

Today, new facilities are being built. enterprises are being built, and existing facilities are being modernized. Domestic producers are striving to improve the characteristics of products, expand the assortment. Thus, they become competitive not only in the domestic domestic, as well as in foreign markets.

To continue the trend The economist emphasizes the importance of The introduction of digital technologies in production, support for small and medium-sized businesses, stimulation of creation of joint ventures with foreign partners.

An important point is also the need for cooperation with the Academy of Sciences as a source of developments on new materials, improvement of technology, and processing of raw materials.


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