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Turkmenistan pays great attention to the health of alabais

Turkmenistan pays considerable attention to the health and development of alabais, striving to ensure the purity of the herd and to increase its numbers. International Association of Turkmen AlabaisThe new program, which began operating six months ago, is building centers for dogs of this breed in all parts of the country. Here they will not only breed them, but also provide treatment and rehabilitation of the animals.

The opening of the first breeding kennel in Turkmenistan took place in 2019. As noted by the association, the main task of the nursery is to breed purebred Turkmen alabais. As a result, it will not only ensure the preservation of the herd, but also increase its number. It is noted that dogs of this breed are very friendly despite their impressive size and formidable appearance. For over two thousand years, people have used them to protect their homes and livestock. Now it is up to man to pay tribute to the pets by ensuring the protection of the population and the traceability of the pedigree.

Not only kennels, but also veterinary clinics provide the best conditions for preserving the health of Turkmen Alabais. In addition to preventive examinations and diagnostics, animals can also receive professional medical care.

Turkmenistan's veterinary clinics have ultrasound, modern operating rooms, X-rays, as well as special running tracks and platforms for alababas. Dogs can have their blood or urine analyzed, and incubators allow even critically ill animals to be nurtured.

Turkmenistan intends to ensure that Turkmen Alabai was inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Even today dogs of this breed are forbidden to leave the country. They are given exclusively to foreign figures as a sign of respect.


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