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Production of "original" cola resumed in Turkmenistan

Coca-Cola production has resumed in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers began distributing the popular beverage as "Classic" and "Zero" on the local market in early July.

New colas produced with the logo "Turkmenistan - Year of Neutrality" are sold in the market almost 3 times cheaper than imported ones. For example, locally produced "Classic" cola is available at a retail price of 10 manats per liter, "Zero" at 8 manats per liter.

In recent years, the local producer of the popular drink temporarily suspended production of the aforementioned types. Note that the company, too, began producing the no less popular "Sprite" in 2019.

In 2009, 59.5% shares of Türkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers went to the Turkish company Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI).

Arzuw NEWS contacted the CCI office in Turkey, but has not yet received answers to questions about resumed production in Turkmenistan.

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    • Where is it available? In Russia, 1.5L costs $1.5, and here $2.5 for 1 liter.

  • Where do they sell it? At wholesale, in supermarkets - only Russian, Kazakh and Azerbaijani. Where exactly can I buy it? I'll go there on purpose. It's not even the price - our cola tastes better!

  • Dudes, it says what is available for a certain price, namely 10 manat. Not that the price is affordable, i.e., everyone can afford it.