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Orthodox Turkmenistan celebrates Christmas on January 7

Followers of Orthodoxy in Turkmenistan are celebrating a great holiday, Christmas. On the eve of this day, festive Christmas services were held in all Orthodox churches of the country on January 6. Services began in the night at 24 hours and were held in accordance with all church canons. Archpriest John, dean of the Orthodox parishes in Turkmenistan, told this in an interview with Orient news.

The feast of Christmas is accompanied by joyful songs and carols that glorify Christ. According to Archpriest John, Christianity has ancient roots in Turkmenistan. According to Christian legends, one of the closest disciples of Christ, Apostle Thomas, preached in the territory of modern Turkmenistan. Christian churches were built on the territory of the country about 140 years ago, and after 1991 Christian Orthodoxy was reborn in Turkmenistan.


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