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The EBRD Academy offers entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan to gain new knowledge

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Academy invites entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan to gain new knowledge by taking a free online training course. The training module will be useful for those who intend to export their goods abroad. The course is entitled "Exporting Goods: Assessing Opportunities in New Markets".

A key theme of the course will be exports as part of the foreign trade relationship. Exporters will find foundational guidance, useful skills, and solutions to help them properly assess their export opportunities in previously untapped markets. This will ultimately help Turkmen entrepreneurs realize their full export potential.

The training will also facilitate the mastery of practical tools. In the future, they will help exporters to overcome possible difficulties and assess available opportunities to supply goods to previously unexploited markets. Also with their help, entrepreneurs will be able to plan their actions in the foreign market during a global pandemic or even for a longer period of time.

From the training module, Turkmen entrepreneurs will learn the following:

  • ways to identify, assess and overcome obstacles in foreign trade relationships and to discover opportunities in previously untapped markets;
  • an algorithm for assessing actual trade conditions and finding solutions to the most pressing problems facing commodity exporters;
  • a list of practical steps to ensure planning of online introductions to the export market, follow-up visits, and implementation of further key activities.

This project is being implemented in Turkmenistan at the expense of the European Union.


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