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Ashgabat was covered with a snow "blanket

The first snowfall of the new year has fallen in Ashgabat. The capital of Turkmenistan has been snowing since early morning. The first flakes turned the streets of Ashgabat into a real winter fairy tale.
The temperature has dropped to 2 degrees, and last week the thermometer was 17 degrees above zero and the weather was sunny. According to forecasters, snow will hold out for some time: frosts are expected in Turkmenistan in the next few days. Winter in the region is usually soft and snowless. Snow melts quickly, so many citizens were glad of the first snow and rushed outside to take pictures.
At the moment, snowfall in the city continues. According to forecasters, snowfall in Ashgabat is possible from 1 to 5 cm. By evening the degree will drop to -3, at night it is forecasted to reach -6 frost.

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