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Edison Technologies is ready to modernize the Garlyk complex

Last month, on the margins of the Turkmen-German roundtable held in Ashgabat, Edison Kasapoglu, president of Edison Technologies, showed interest in Turkmenistan's potash industry and expressed readiness to modernize the Garlyk complex with bringing it to design capacity on the basis of 100% investments. The company also intends to invest in the new Karabil potash deposit, starting from geological exploration and ending with the construction of a potassium extraction plant.

Describing his activities in detail, Kasapoglu said that before offering its services in the potash industry, his company conducted research on the marketing and sales market of potash abroad. In particular, he noted that his partner companies have two potash plants in China and one in Europe. These plants will be potential customers of Turkmen potash for many years to come. Only after they assured and guaranteed that they were ready to buy potash in Turkmenistan, E. Casapoglu and his partners decided to invest into Turkmenistan's potash industry.

The concern's management expressed gratitude to Kasapoglu for his interest in the chemical industry of Turkmenistan and confirmed the readiness to cooperate with Edison Technologies in this direction.

During the talks, the parties also discussed other investment projects related to gas chemistry, namely, the production of gas processing products.

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