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The EU will support Turkmenistan in developing greenhouse farms

European Union will support Turkmenistan in the development of greenhouse facilities. An online seminar on this topic was held as part of the of the EU SARD III projectThe project is implemented in cooperation with the SPPT and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. The main goal of the Program is to contribute to the sustainable development of the countryside and the agricultural sector of the country.

The participants of the event were Vegetable agronomists, greenhouse workers, and project specialists. The parties exchanged views on the current state of this segment, both in Turkmenistan and around the world. They also talked about the prospects of development of greenhouses and discussed new opportunities in the export of horticultural products.


Foreign experts spoke before the participants of the online seminar. They spoke about Advanced techniques and innovations in greenhouse management and pest and disease control, new approaches to seed selection and cultivation of seedlings, fertilization.

Separately, the farm managers who participated in the seminar were told about the technique of breeding useful insects that help in pest control. Answers were given about the norms of fertilizers, both in the soil and in the case of soilless cultivation of plants, about the arrangement of plants in the greenhouse space, about drawing up a table of crop rotation, taking into account the proximity of the grown crops. In addition, the participants of the online seminar focused on the topic of growing citrus plants in greenhouses.


Particular attention is paid to phytosanitary standardsThe EU is the first country in the world to have a single agricultural product that must meet the requirements for export to the European Union.

At the end of the seminar, its participants expressed confidence in the continuation of cooperation, because the greenhouse industry in Turkmenistan is now actively developing.

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