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"If we don't tell, someone else will" - Marek Beckerman

3 March, Ashgabat, ARZUW NEWS. The first sessions of the OSCE seminar on "Skills for Effective Interaction between Government Institutions and the Media" were held at the Yildiz Hotel in the capital city.

The event began with welcoming remarks by Natalia Drozd, Head of the OSCE Center in Ashgabat, and Dovlet Seyitmammedov, Head of the International Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. The audience was then introduced to international experts Marek Beckerman and Eva Tamara Lukasik.

The first session focused on the role of press services in the digital age and the task of the media in informing society about the activities and achievements of the state.

Marek Beckerman talked about how important it is to be able to inform the population. The expert stressed that nowadays, with the huge amount of information, valuable information is often drowned in the information flow and is not easy to find. Also, the expert talked about why it is important to keep in touch with the media. It is an excellent prevention of misinformation.

Marek Beckerman

"If we don't tell, somebody else will, and it probably won't be good for the state and the community."

Marek Beckerman.

Eva Lukasik spoke in her session about the importance of websites maintained by government agencies. This resource should not only be a source of reliable and relevant information, but also a means of communication with citizens and the media. In addition, the expert made a visual analysis of positive and negative examples of websites of various state institutions.

Recall that the President of Turkmenistan prescribed all public and private institutions of Turkmenistan to create websites and introduce electronic document management by the beginning of 2021.

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