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Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Participates in Conference on Disarmament Issues

Turkmenistan and the CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization) hosted an online conference on April 27. CTBTO leaders, the OSCE and other representatives of international organizations were involved in the event.

In his report, Meredov stressed the paramount importance of uniting the efforts of the international community on disarmament issues, and noted the key role of the UN in this process.

Turkmenistan takes an active position in the practical implementation of the FACE TreatiesThis year marks the 15th anniversary of the Central Asian nuclear-weapon-free zone. Ensuring a Central Asian nuclear-weapon-free zone is an important element of regional security that has strategic significance for the entire world.

The forum participants shared their views on this topic, in particular the need for systemic arms control, the nonproliferation and disarmament regime, and negotiations at the regional and international levels.


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