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State Museum of Turkmenistan congratulated women on March 8 with a thematic exhibition

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan organized an exhibition "The World of Women's Beauty", timed to coincide with the main holiday of the first days of spring - March 8. The opening ceremony was held on March 3. Delegates from several Ashgabat museums, university professors, representatives of creative professions, cultural figures and journalists attended the event. The exhibition was opened by Meretgeldy Chariev, head of the State Museum.

The audience was addressed by the heads of the capital's museums, poets and teachers, who, in addition to congratulatory words, spoke about the features of their activities and the history of a number of exhibits at the exhibition. Thus, the oldest of the collected items is about 120 years old.

The exposition includes artists' canvases, glassware and ceramics, and the best examples of folk craftsmen's work. Visitors can admire carpets, embroidered national clothes, and handmade silk fabrics. The exposition also includes silver jewelry and even flower bouquets. The latter, however, are made of a variety of artificial materials, among which there are precious.

From the works of art in the exhibition it follows that their authors identify women's beauty with the transformation of nature, which occurs in the spring. On their canvases the painters depict spring streams, the first greenery, blooming poppies, as if covering the hills with a red blanket.

Beautiful birds made of glass and seashells echo the theme paintings. After all, it is springtime when birds' songs sound. And even in the embroidery on the festive robes we can guess the spring floral motifs.

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