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Exoskeletons. Life-changing technologies.

Today, there are many companies in the robotics market whose main profile is the development of exoskeletons. Among them are such giants as Cyberdyne (Japan), Ekso Bionics Holding (USA) and ReWalk (Israel). Developments in this area are rapidly gaining momentum, and the demand for their products is already numbering in the millions of people in need. However, with all the pace of technology growth, there are not many fully functional working devices, and the cost of such devices belongs to the above-average category.

The HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) medical exoskeleton from Cyberdyne.

As experts say that the sales volume of so-called assistive robots, robotic prostheses and telemetry bodies that can be a good help for people with The sales of so-called assistive robotic prosthetics and robotics bodies can be a good help for people with disabilities.

The number of persons currently using exoskeletons is in the tens of thousands around the world. In the foreseeable future, technological advances are expected to change the lives of millions of people with disabilities. A huge number of people will be able to permanently solve the problem of motor function.

The devices are designed to increase the strength of the patient's back and abdominal muscles, improve arm endurance, improve movement coordination, and maintain equilibrium. Such gadgets are a good prospect for addressing the problems of people who have suffered stroke, spinal cord injuries, or multiple sclerosis. Also, such devices can help children with cerebral palsy.

Exoskeletons are divided into two categories: the first is medical rehabilitation, in which patients regain mobility, contributing to internal cell regeneration, and subsequently the ability not to depend on the device; the second is a permanent replacement for the wheelchair, allowing independent movement, reducing stress on certain parts of the body, as well as strengthening weakened muscle groups.

There is also active growth in the field of innovative developments in the so-called neuroengineering. The technologies of this industry allow people with physical disabilities to use cyber-prostheses with the help of brain impulses.


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