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Erasmus+ introduced students in Turkmenistan to the opportunity to receive a European education

Erasmus+ introduced students in Turkmenistan to the opportunity to receive a European education

The Erasmus+ infoday in Turkmenistan introduced to students of Turkmen higher educational institutions the opportunity to receive a European education through this program. The online event was organized by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan in collaboration with the European Executive Agency for Culture and Education, the EU Delegation to Turkmenistan and Erasmus+. Delegates of Turkmen higher educational institutions attending the meeting received detailed information about the measures and rules of the Erasmus+ 2022 competition, which will also help build capacity in higher education. Thus, the Erasmus+ national office in Turkmenistan was informed in detail about the Erasmus Mundus program for undergraduates and the Jean Monnet program for those who want to study in the European Union.

In her welcoming remarks, Renate Wrobel, EU Commissioner for Turkmenistan, addressed the topic of education during the global pandemic. She stressed that the situation has only further demonstrated that there are no boundaries for education. Many fields of human activity are now moving to online mode. But it is education that has managed to cope with this better than most other fields. Students and young professionals are always welcome in the EU. And graduates of such programs as Erasmus+ will always be able to apply their knowledge in practice in their home country. Such people will certainly contribute greatly to the development of their countries.

Erasmus+ is an EU program for education, youth, sports and vocational training. It is named after the Dutch philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam. He worked and lived in many European countries in order to broaden his horizons. Students who carry out research work in their chosen specialty are invited to participate in this program. The opening of the Erasmus+ national program in Turkmenistan took place in 2014. Previously, the country had such programs as TEMPUS (since 1998) and Erasmus Mundus (since 2008). Since that time, the European Union has accepted and sent to universities in Turkmenistan many young specialists and students.

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