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OSCE to Hold a Seminar for Turkmen Media

March 3-4 in the capital of Turkmenistan, at the Yildiz Hotel, OSCE Center in Ashgabat will hold a seminar "Skills for Effective Interaction between Government Agencies and the Media".

Attendees are representatives of Turkmenistan's public and private media.
Speakers - international experts Marek Beckerman (UK) and Ava Lukasik (Poland) will share their experiences with the local media.

The program of the event will cover following topics:
- The role of press services in the digital age and the tasks of the media in informing society about the activities and achievements of the state.
- Interview technology and public speaking skills.
- News values and public broadcasting standards in state information policy.

In addition to theory, practical exercises are also planned. This will allow the participants of the seminar to fully master this information.

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