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President of Turkmenistan addressed the nation on the occasion of Kurban Bayram

The President of Turkmenistan congratulated the people of the country on Kurban Bayram holiday. Musical celebrations in the spirit of centuries-old traditions will be held in all localities of the country from July 9 to 11. In this regard, the day off from July 10 was postponed to July 12 by presidential decree.

In these days, nothing should mar the joy, mutual love and solidarity of the Turkmen people.

Kurban Bayrams is a holiday of special significance for each of our compatriots, it represents the purity of the human soul, cohesion and unity of the people.

"May the Almighty accept your prayers and holiday sadaqa for the glory and prosperity of the Motherland, Kabul bolsun!" - with these words President Berdymukhamedov addressed to his native people on the eve of the sacred holiday of Kurban Bayram.


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