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UNDP supports the development of water-saving technologies in Turkmenistan

Water-saving technologies are actively introduced in the agricultural sector of Turkmenistan in recent years. In particular, state support in the form of land allocation for long-term use and targeted crediting for purchase of water-saving devices on preferential terms promotes this.

To activate these processes in Gokdepe etrap of Akhal velayat by forces of UNDP/GEF and State Committee of Water Management the project aimed at energy efficiency increase is implemented. A field of 6.2 hectares has been allocated in the research area of 145 hectares, where different water-saving irrigation systems are experimentally studied: sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and surface irrigation. Since 2018, scientists and postgraduate students of the Institute "Turkmensuvylymtaslama" and the Turkmen Agricultural University have been working on their projects here.

This year, experiments on growing beets, vegetables, corn, gourds using water-saving irrigation methods, including drip irrigation and sprinkling, are being conducted on irrigated plots.

Based on the results of research, the book "Recommendations for designing drip irrigation systems for agricultural crops of vineyards, orchards and forest plantations" was published within the UNDP/GEF project, in which the methodology and examples of organization of water-saving drip irrigation technologies are given.



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