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A concert in memory of the "Turkmen nightingale" - Medeniet Shahberdieva was held

On February 24, the Turkmen National Conservatory hosted a concert in honor of the 90th anniversary of People's Artist of Turkmenistan Meeniet Shahberdieva. In honor of the anniversary of the great opera singer, popularly called the "Turkmen nightingale", a colorful event was held with participation of honored workers of arts, People's Artists, as well as pupils and followers of the opera diva.

Maya Shahberdiyeva, later to assume the pseudonym of Medeniet, earned herself the title of one of the one of opera's finest performers and coloratura soprano stars.

The concert brought together many loyal fans of the singer's talent, who shared their memories of her. Among the coryphaei who attended were Guzel Hummaeva, an honored art worker who wrote a book about Medeniet Shahberdieva, writer and journalist Parahat Cherkezova, soloist of "Mukamov Palace", opera singer Zhanna Sayan - follower of the vocal school, honored art worker Rovshen Nepesov, People's Artist of Turkmenistan Gurt Nazarov and many others. Also, the event was attended by relatives and friends of the singer. It is worth noting that Mai's granddaughter was named after her.

A discussion of the The discussion of the great diva was interspersed with enchanting performances by famous opera singers. The program of the evening included excerpts from operas such as "Ganli saka", "La Traviata", "Aria", "The Nightingale" performed by Zhanna Sayan and others. Among the compositions Rovshen Nepesov's "Lullaby" was performed, which was written in honor of the great singer.

Atajan Berdyev and Aina Seyitkulieva. Excerpt from the opera "Ganly saka
Zhanna Sayan and Vladimir Mkrtumov. The Nightingale" opera

Writer and journalist Parahat Cherkezova, author of the book about Medeniyet Shahberdiyeva, shared her memories of interacting with the singer and recounted the furor the diva caused during her she told about the furore that the diva made in the years of her creative ascent. Among the narrative the writer, an episode was mentioned when her book was published. According to journalist, one of the admirers of Medeniet's talent was so eager to read written that he was not embarrassed by his lack of knowledge of the Turkmen language:

"I will learn the Turkmen language so I can read a book about Maya Shahberdieva."

Parahat Cherkezova shares her memories of the opera singer

A native of Kerki, Maya Shahberdiyeva, born 1930, drew the attention of those around her from a young age with her talent. After beginning to learn to play the violin at the boarding school, Maya realized her calling and fully devoted herself to music. After graduation, she decided to enter a music school, where in addition to the violin exam, vocal skills were also tested. Realizing that she did not pass the entrance examinations, Maya entered the Mathematics Department of Turkmen State University. But later, due to her unique vocal data, she was offered to re-enter the vocal department of the music school. From that moment her amazing path to the opera art began.

Medeniet Shahberdiyeva; Photo:

After After graduation, Maya Shakhberdiyeva entered the Moscow Conservatory, She graduated with honors from the Moscow Conservatory.

Since 1956 Shakhberdiyeva was a soloist at the Makhtumkuli Turkmen Opera and Ballet Theater. She was also a notable figure among concert performers who toured abroad. That was when she was awarded the title "Turkmen Nightingale.

For many years Medeniet taught at the Turkmen National Conservatory, where she led the vocal class.

Divine talent of the singer was loved by everyone and soon she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of the Turkmen SSR and Honored Artist of the Turkmen SSR. USSR, People's Artist of the Turkmen SSR and Honored Artist of the Turkmen SSR. She was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of the Badge of Honor and the Order "Altyn Asyr" III rank.

Medeniet Shahberdiyeva, a great artist, passed away on January 3, 2018. She had a great influence on the art of opera and left her mark on the world stage.

As the organizers organizers and guests of the event, Medeniet Shahberdiyeva has instilled in them the resilience to reach the top in what they love - in what they consider their vocation. She made the hearts of millions tremble and tirelessly delighted the ears of all who in love with music.

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