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Turkmenistan innovates in the study of cultural heritage

В The Multipurpose Small Laboratory at the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, innovative technologies are used for a more archaeological finds. It is equipped with a laser analyser, which at present allows me to determine with the utmost precision chemical composition of found artifacts. In the course of research using the latest advances in laser technology, spectroscopy and analytical software.

Specialists of The small laboratory examined fragments of pottery from Nisa and Parizdepe, as well as from other places of archaeological excavations. The results of the analyses allow to assume that the products which were found in the above-mentioned The results of analyses allow assuming that the wares which were discovered in the above mentioned settlements were made in the territory of Southern Turkmenistan, in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. Kopetdag foothills. It means there were trade and cultural relations between the people living in this area, Trade and cultural relations existed between the people living in this area.

Conducting The chemical composition of the remains of pottery found in Comparing the chemical composition of the pottery found in Paryzdepe with those found in other settlements, it was established that It was found out that despite similar chemical composition they have obvious differences in the way of processing. This means that although the ingredients used to create the raw materials were about the same This means that although the ingredients for the raw materials were the same, the techniques of pottery making and firing were different.

The study of the chemical composition of artifacts found during archaeological excavations will not only allow us to get as much information as possible about the life of distant ancestors, but also to recreate historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan as accurately as possible during their restoration.


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