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The 2nd module of the EBRD know-how academy was launched

The EBRD announced the launch of the second module on the EBRD online education portal for SMEs "Know-How Academy. The project is funded by the EU, and everyone can join for free. The new series of classes will focus on crisis management using the fundamentals of financial management.

After taking this course, private entrepreneurs will acquire the important financial knowledge and practical skills necessary for the functioning of companies in crisis and beyond.

After completing the second module of the Know-How Academy, participants will learn:

  • Identify the key and most vulnerable cash flows of your business;
  • Evaluate the financial condition of the company at different stages of the crisis;
  • apply the tools of financial and operational planning, risk management in the decision-making process;
  • find an opportunity to reduce costs.

In addition, participants will be offered a stress test, which helps to assess the vulnerability of business to the negative factors that arise in times of crisis.

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