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Students of Turkmenistan have shown themselves at international Olympiads

Students of the Turkmenistan D. Azadi National Institute of World Languages (NIWL) again represented their native country with dignity at the international olympiadsThe events were held online. The events were held online.

So, the students of the capital's language school took part in an intellectual competition in Russian. The event was organized by Volga Region State Technological University (PSTU), located in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Yoshkar-Ola (Mari El Republic, Russian Federation). The Olympiad, which consisted of two rounds, was launched in October of this year. Its participants were 3,000 university studentsThe following are the most common CIS.

Twenty-two students of the D. Azadi National Scientific and Technical University of Turkmenistan had the honor of representing Turkmenistan in this intellectual competition. D. Azadi. As a result, Chinar Ovelekova, a third year student of Russian language and literature faculty, and Aylar Gubadjaeva, a fourth year student of Romance and Germanic languages and literature faculty, won silver. "Bronze" went to Nikita Kovalev, a fifth-year student at the Department of Russian Language and Literature. The winners will receive diplomas and medals from PSTU.


The piggy bank of victories of the D. Azadi TNIMYA was enlarged. D. Azadi and after the participation of its students in IV International Olympiad in Arabic Language and Islamic CultureThe event was also held online. The event was initiated by Institute of International Relations of Kazan Federal University and ended just the other day. "The third year student Bibimariyam Usmanova, who studies at the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Literature, brought the bronze medal to the Turkmen linguistic university.

Students note that when they participate in various international competitions and Olympiads, they try to show maximum creativity and work with full dedication. This allows them not only to fully demonstrate their intellectual abilities, but also to adequately represent their native country.

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