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Students of the Astrakhan Medical Institute will receive diplomas valid in Turkmenistan

At present more than two and a half thousand foreign students not only from near and far abroad study at Astrakhan State Medical University. Among them, 180 students from Turkmenistan study in a variety of medical fields.

After receiving their diplomas, the young doctors also receive training at this Russian university, which has a rich training base and a strong faculty. So the newly graduated resident physicians will undoubtedly receive unique medical practice, which they will be able to apply in their future work in medical institutions of Turkmenistan.

The curriculum for Turkmen students is as close as possible to that taught in our country's universities. So future medics will not have to nostrify their diplomas and take exams in a number of disciplines in Turkmenistan.

At the meeting between the consul of Turkmenistan and the rector of Astrakhan University, the prospects for close cooperation, academic exchange, joint practical conferences, Olympiads and scientific research were discussed.



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