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Turkmenistan's customs officials adopt the experience of their Japanese colleagues

The Japan International Partnership Agency (JICA) organized a "Customs Administration" training course that invited customs officials from the Central Asian region, including delegates from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The event took place in an online format.

During the training course, Japanese customs representatives presented lectures and reports touching on areas of customs work in Japan. The seminar also included presentations that realistically described the algorithm for implementing local customs procedures.

During the lectures the participants were told about Japanese customs, simplification of trade procedures, rules of determining the state of origin, intellectual property rights, risk management using the example of Japanese customs and much more. There was also an overview of Japan Customs. Although the meeting was held in the format of an online conference, its participants were able to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of Japanese customs.

At the end of the training program, its participants received certificates from JICA.

Japan Customs is one of the most highly developed customs services on the planet. It is a founding member of the World Customs Organization and also participates in all global projects involving innovative approaches to customs administration. It is also of interest to study the history of Japan Customs, its modern organizational structure, and the reasons for its successful functioning both in its own country and globally. The information obtained can be further applied in practice in the work of the Customs Service of Turkmenistan.


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