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Greenhouse complexes of Turkmenistan interest business circles of France

Greenhouse complexes of Turkmenistan have aroused the interest of French investors. Prospects for the implementation of joint Turkmen-French projects in the agricultural sector of the economy were discussed during a webinar organized by the French association of entrepreneurs, MEDEF International, with the assistance of diplomats of both countries.

The participants in this video meeting on the part of Turkmenistan included delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Central Bank, State Bank of Foreign Economic Activity, SPPT. The French side was represented by the management of MEDEF International, as well as top managers of about 35 large companies, whose main specialization is the activities in the agricultural sector.

The Turkmen delegation provided the French partners with comprehensive information on the comprehensive reforms that have affected all aspects of the agricultural sector. Representatives of France were also familiarized with export and investment opportunities of Turkmenistan in the agricultural sector.


Among the key topics for discussion was cooperation in the development of greenhouses. At the moment, this export-oriented niche of Turkmenistan's agro-industrial complex has great prospects. The representatives of the French business told the Turkmen colleagues about their opportunities and expressed readiness to implement bilateral projects.

The parties agreed to organize a special webinar on the development of greenhouse industry. Taking the opportunity, French companies have expressed interest in their participation in forums and reviews of the profile, which are organized in Turkmenistan.

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