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Novruz traditions presented at the State Museum of Turkmenistan

On the occasion of the approaching Novruz, the State Museum of the State Cultural Center opened Exhibition of archaeological and ethnographic raritieswhich reveal the essence of one of the most ancient holidays.

For the attention of visitors are presented unique pieces, dating back to the 6th and 3rd millennia B.C. - small female statuettes as symbols of fertility, found in Altyndepe, plaster impression of wheat grains, found during excavations in Anau.

The colorful traditions of Nowruz are depicted in artistic paintings: here are Turkmen women baking aromatic churek, and samples of handmade art - hand embroidery and carpets, silver zergers with cornelian.

The ethnographic section of the exhibition introduced visitors to layout of a Turkmen yurt on the eve of the holiday. Mother and daughter roast fragrant pishmeh, which is the usual treat for guests, and next to them, the main dish of Novruz - semen is being prepared. Among the memorable objects of the exhibition are also ancient stone millstones.


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