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Turkmen schoolchildren of the first grades will receive laptops as gifts

Schoolchildren of Turkmenistan, who are just beginning their long road to knowledge, will receive as a gift mobile computers of a special training model with a wide variety of functions. The manufacturer of the electronic devices is a local company.

According to G. Durdiyev, a software developer for the portable school computers, they already have all the software needed for effective learning. The software is available in three languages: Turkmen, Russian, and English. The notebooks have 2 Gb of RAM, and 32 Gb of built-in memory. The operating system is specially designed to perform more than two hundred functions important for training.

First-graders in Turkmenistan have been receiving gadgets for September 1 since 2011, and this year will be no exception. More than 160 thousand yesterday's preschoolers are expected to receive functional gifts.



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