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"Turkmenfilm" has prepared another film premiere

After the show "Galkynysh." and "Ýaş köňülleriň ganaty" ("Talents Enlivened"), Another novelty from Turkmenfilm awaits the Turkmen viewerdedicated to the 25th anniversary of the country's neutrality.

This time a film called "Durmuş kyssalary" will tell the stories of three young peopleThe film was directed by A. Eberdyev, who went through the main stages of growing up together and managed to maintain their friendship over the years. Director A. Eberdyev managed to convey through the screen The best examples of basic human values - The main roles of the poet, athlete, physicist and mathematician were played by young, talented actors: Kh. The main roles of the poet, athlete and physicist-mathematician were played by young talented actors: Kh. Chariev, A. Tachliev, and A. Amandurdiev. Among the popular movie stars: Ch. Berdiev, N. Kurbanova, S. Tachliev, B. Hojamammedova, Y. Kurbannazarov.

The premiere will take place this Saturday, December 19, on the "Yashlyk" channel.


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  • Örän şowly çykypdyr. Filimiň ähli döredijilik işgärlerine köp minnetdarlyk bildirýän. Ýene şeýlem filimleriň höwri köp bolsun.????