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Turkmenistan Participates in Discussions on Measures to Prevent Human Trafficking

A representative forum was held in the capital of Turkmenistan to discuss combating human trafficking. It would seem absurd to discuss these issues in the modern world. However, the facts tell a different story: the medieval custom of human trafficking still exists today.

The seminar was attended by the U.S. ambassador to the country, senior leaders of ministries and agencies, and representatives of international organizations. In the course of the discussions, participants learned about the international community's experience in developing procedures to prevent human trafficking and providing real assistance to victims of human trafficking.

The seminar was attended by invited representatives of justice, the general prosecutor's office, the migration service, and health care of Turkmenistan.

The U.S. ambassador noted that Turkmenistan has made significant progress not only in developing national anti-trafficking legislation, but is also putting it into practice by creating a steering group to coordinate work in this area.



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