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Turkmen disinfectant gels started to be sold in local stores

The first disinfectant gel-type products produced in Turkmenistan have begun to take their place in local markets. The individual enterprise "Täç hil" started production of these disinfectants in May of this year.

The company has developed its own formula of gels, within the framework of the World Health Organization's standard for the production of hand sanitizers. The finished products are approved by the Main State Service "Turkmenstandartlary" and released to the local market.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) also announced the new "Täç hil" brand product on social media. The bank, together with the European Union, said it helped the company improve its financial management, produce and export new products. In December 2018, the EBRD provided Täç hil with $1,500,000 in financial support through the SME Direct Financing Program.

As the demand for disinfectants has increased due to the pandemic, companies around the world have adopted this form of production. In addition to Täç hil, the Turkmen company Şatumar, also, added disinfectants into its product line in March of this year.

Photo: EBRD

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