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Scientists in Turkmenistan have made a discovery of global significance

Scientists in Turkmenistan have made a discovery of global significanceThe discovery was made by specialists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who synthesized a new element from local raw materials. The authorship of the discovery belongs to specialists Institute of Chemistry of the Turkmen Academy of Sciences.

By performing surveys aimed at development of disinfectants, scientists have involved cotton seeds. As a result, bioactive compounds and agents with the necessary disinfectant properties have been obtained. Such compounds are based on fatty acids and iodine-containing elements. The results of laboratory tests and analyses indicate that the obtained substance has disinfectant properties and destructive effect on microbial cultures, among which are the following, that cause stomach diseases and airborne infectious diseases.

Studies have already been conducted proving that the work of chemical scientists can be effectively to be used in the medical industry and health care institutions of Turkmenistan.

In addition, Turkmen researchers were able to use local raw materials to synthesize iodomal - a new element that has no negative effect on the cells of a living organism. The Center of Public Health and Nutrition of the State Sanitary and Epidemic Service of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan has already studied this product and, according to the results, iodomal has properties, similar to iodinol. The latter, on the other hand, is currently the world's most popular antiseptic.

It was noted that the discovery made by the Turkmen scientists is not only an important milestone in the development of the medical industry of Turkmenistan, but also has global significance.


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