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Ashgabat will host celebrations in honor of Alexander Pushkin

In 2022 it will be 223 years since the birth of Alexander Pushkin. The date coincides with the International Day of the Russian language. A solemn ceremony of laying bouquets to the bust of the poet, which will be held on June 6 in Ashgabat, is timed to coincide with this occasion.

The center of attraction for those wishing to pay homage to the great poet will be the monument by sculptor Berto, located in the historic center. The sculpture was created at the beginning of the twentieth century according to the design of the talented engineer Butuzov.

This is not the only monument in Ashgabat dedicated to the great Russian writer. A bronze bust of Pushkin decorates the square in front of the Russian Drama Theater. Another monument to the poet is located near the Joint Russian-Turkmen school.

The Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan organized celebrations in honor of the double holiday related to Russian culture.






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