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III Climate Change Conference in Central Asia

Started III Central Asian Conference on Climate Change (CACCI 2020), which will be held until October 23. The conference is being held online. Its participants include delegates from Central Asian countries, international financial institutions, development agencies, scientists, and public figures.

The key theme of this conference was climatic changes provoked by human activities. And this, in turn, leads to changes in the composition of the atmosphere that are not associated with natural climatic fluctuations, which are characteristic of certain time periods.

Turkmenistan's actions are aimed at addressing environmental issues, both regionally and globally. Thus, the state calls on the world community to cooperate in order to overcoming the negative consequences of the Aral Sea eco-catastrophe. This primarily concerns air pollution, which has a direct impact on human health. Acting in this direction, Turkmenistan during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly proposed with the support of the WHO and the UN to study the impact of air pollution on changes in the incidence of cardiovascular system diseases, the risk of cancer and infectious diseases. During the current online conference, experts consider the tasks in this area.

The parties exchange views on:

  • funding of events on resisting climate change;
  • risks and opportunities;
  • information and scientific research on climate change;
  • climate policy;
  • scientific research on climate change during a global pandemic.

The event was organized as part of the Aral Climate Catastrophe Mitigation Program, continuing the World Bank's initiative from 2013.

A number of other issues, regional and global agendas relating to the pressing problems of our time, are also under consideration. And adopted at the end of it final document will record the progress available and outline the basis for the formation of a common regional vision of the Central Asian states on climate change in the current reality.


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