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Kazakhstan celebrates 25 years since the adoption of the Constitution

30 August 25 years back by the people Kazakhstan was accepted Main The Law countries - Constitution. After past years you can state success of this of the project, о than evidenced by, в first queue, successful development countries и improvement welfare citizens.

В process developments Main Law 1й President Н.Nazarbayev analyzed constitutional experience over 20tee countries, а в creating of the project participated over 3 million. Kazakhs. 30 August 1995 г. absolute by most (89,14%) at referendum was approved  Constitution.

Main The Law, based at progressive principles, legally pinned sovereignty Kazakhstan и identified important basics for developments countries. So, Constitution Republic approved primary the task States в ensuring rights и freedoms man. Main The Law became Guarantee Integrity property, what contributed development businesses в country.

Today Constitution is most important document Kazakhstan, at which is based on all of legislative base и Forensic practice в country.

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