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Housing is being actively built in the northern region of Turkmenistan

Housing is being actively built in the northern region of Turkmenistan

There is active construction of housing in the northern region of Turkmenistan. Thus, on the eve of the Defenders of the Fatherland Day, the employees of the prosecutor's office in velayat received new housing. Two new houses were commissioned in the administration center of Dashoguz province. Each of the four-storey houses has 16 apartments - three-room and four-room apartments.

The living quarters are designed in accordance with current quality standards and are characterized by high-quality interior finishes. They are spacious and have high ceilings, which creates a feeling of free space.

In a few years, the new buildings will be immersed in greenery, as seedlings of conifers are already growing around them. Asphalted roads and sidewalks are already connected to the four-story residential buildings. All key infrastructure facilities - shopping, medical and educational institutions - are within walking distance.

The Demirbetonönümleri enterprise is the general contractor of the commissioned new buildings. The qualitative work of the builders was not left without encouragement - on behalf of the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov they were given valuable gifts.

Traditionally, the housewarming celebrations were attended by many diverse guests - representatives of Velaiyat and city authorities, public figures, deputies of the lower chamber of the National Parliament of Turkmenistan and elders. The new buildings once again confirmed that the policy pursued by the President is fully consistent with the main motto "The State is for the individual".

And after a few more years, a new residential complex will appear in the administrative center of the northern region, along the highway connecting Dashoguz with the international airport. It will occupy an area of 71 hectares. The construction of residential houses and infrastructure facilities will be carried out by specialists of the Yupek Yoly Gurlushyk company.

The new residential complex will include several dozen multi-family residential buildings. A total of 1,469 apartments of the improved layout will be commissioned. Among the infrastructure facilities it is planned to build a modern medical and health center, House of Life, a pre-school for 240 children and a secondary school for 600 pupils, as well as a number of other facilities.

All kinds of engineering networks - water, heat, electricity and sewage systems - will be installed in the large housing estate. The length of the heating line will be 5.4 thousand meters, the water supply line - 4.6 thousand meters. One electric substation and two sewage pumping stations will serve the new residential complex. A street lighting system will be also built, for which over four hundred lamp posts will be erected. In the new housing estate it is planned to widely use the underground way of laying the engineering and communication systems.

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