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Another plant for the production of glycyrrhizic acid will appear in Turkmenistan

A new enterprise, which will ensure the production of glycyrrhizic acid from environmentally friendly licorice root, is planned to be built in Turkmenabat on the base of "Buyan". Adipson Ind. Srl (Italy) will be involved in the organization of technological processes. (Italy), the implementation of the construction project will be taken over by IE "Mizemez gadam".

It is planned that the launch of the new facilities will ensure annual production of 390 tons of glycyrrhizic acidwhich will be exported. The new plant is scheduled to be put into operation by January 2024.

Glycyrrhizic acid has unique anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. In medical practice medicines based on it are used to treat liver diseases, as well as in the complex therapy against COVID-19.

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