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Turkmenistan is developing entrepreneurship among young people

Within the framework of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with the assistance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkmenistan, the Youth Union, as well as the support of the Japanese government. Youth Union and with the support of the Japanese government, in February-March 2020, free free workshops for Turkmen young people who want to learn entrepreneurship skills.

According to A. Dzhorayev, UNDP consultant, the programme aims to develop the entrepreneurial potential of active youth from 18 to 29 years old. The participants will study using The course will be based on specially developed teaching materials that take into account the particularities of The participants will study using specially developed materials that take into account the specifics of Turkmenistan. At the moment, such practical lessons have already been held in 4 Ashgabat, Mary, Turkmenabat and Tedzhen. About 100 people have already taken part in them. 100 people have already participated in them.

The main advantage of the seminars of UNDP seminars is the opportunity to get practical advice from entrepreneurs and experts in the field. Participants can ask them their the entrepreneurship, investment attraction, implementation of information technologies. the introduction of information technology.

As one of the entrepreneurs-experts noted after the meeting in Turkmenabat, the guys inspire by their initiative, "burning eyes," and desire to bring business ideas to life.


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